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It the December holidays and ITS TIME TO DO THINGS THAT I CANT DO DURING THE SEMESTER. Don’t be a wuss and stay at home all days. Ring Moses up to check these places up.


Walk along Geylang from Lorong 4 to Lorong 81. Geylang area is a mix of brothels, coffeeshops and restaurants. This famous Singapore Red Light District has been marked for human Pasar Malam since 1950’s. But the only red lights you will see are those at the traffic junctions. There are more hotels in Geylang than Orchard road and they are cheaper too. So if you feel tired in the office and need a two hour nap, you can check into these Geylang hotels that charge by the hour. After that, try and catch dirty old men in action with the Chinese ladies in the local coffee shops.


Visit the only kampong left in Singapore. You can find the place if you walk along Lorong Buangkok. It’s a very small stretch of old zinc roof houses left untouched by the changing times and probably the only place you cannot find HDB car park attendants.


Go shopping at Mustafa Shopping Centre along Serangoon. They are open 24 hours. See if you can find travel suitcases for less than $20 and watches as low as $5. It’s only here that you can see shops selling Cross pens in a bundle. But check out the spice corner. Sorry, no spice girls around there, mostly mature male workers in sarongs. Mustafa has everything imaginable. It’s like a big mama store. I hope the Science Co-op from NUS  will someday be as big as them.


Go to the Flea Market at Sungei Road. Some people called it the Thieves Market because most of the things sold there are not bought by the merchants. You may be able to find your granny’s lost undergarment or ship’s spare parts there.


Take a train from the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. You can go over to Malaysia and back within a day … But if you lose your way and passport, it’s within a year.


Visit Sim Lim Square and check out the latest laptops and hardware. Try comparing prices with all the shops, that should take you half a day. Then come up with a Sim Lim price list and be a kind soul and post it on the web. If you have time, walk over to Jalan Besar to enjoy a bowl of Sungei Road Laksa (with lots of cockles).


Take a ferry (costs only $2) to Pulau Ubin and explore the island. (Yes, Ubin is part of Singapore.) Grab a Ubin map and then rent a bicycle or a worn out motocycle from the shops near the jetty. Try taking a taxi if you can find one, they can climb rough terrains better than jeeps. Explore some of the Malay kampungs and abandoned prawn farms. There are very few houses left on this island as most of the Ubin population have relocated to the main island. Best to carry insect repellent as those hungry mosquitos will detect the first human scent and will replenish their blood bank as much as they can. There are no Ubin resorts in this island but there is one Chek Jawa summer cottage for you to visit for free. If you really need chalets in Ubin, bring and build your own along the lagoon.


Grab your 20 mega pixel camera and head down to Chinatown …. ok, ok, 2 million pixel is just as good. Take some pictures of the old shops in Chinatown and their almost 90 degrees staircases. If you like taking pictures of elderly people, there are many sitting around the wet market doing nothing. But if you are into old people, then maybe you want to have mental health checked. Singapore’s Chinatown is very interesting for the tourists. This is where the Chinese immigrants first settled when they came over from China. Look out for the old warehouses if you can get close to the Singapore river. Coolies worked alongside the river during the 1900s. But the old charm of the original Chinatown is long gone. If you are looking for the slaughtering of bull frogs and chickens out in the open, there is none now. However if you still need to fulfill your sadistic cravings, you can still watch hawkers kill fresh fishes in the Telok Ayer wet market nearby.



  1. nD Says:

    eh mossssssie. lorong buangkok behind my house only. hahha 😀 its quite a nice quaint village, just… getting smaller and smaller as the years go by

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