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bits of my life May 25, 2009

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Life is a tune you just cannot seem to hum it right.


Saturday night was a guys’ night out. Max, Terence, Andy and Quelyn at Gotham Penthouse, then Butter Factory. Some alcohol and lots of dancing. No groping, no picking up of female strangers. Still lots of fun though. Somehow dancing with guys was more fun than dancing with girls. Somehow lately girls have been less attractive than guys! After clubbing we went over to Terence’s house. I have NEVER expected him to be so rich. Lives near Holland village with a house that looked so fabulous. Tall ceiling for the main hall, with the main focus on the chandelier. Marble floor and sculptures. Even the place smelt rich. Probably emitted from the 5 cars outside his house. 1 Lexus, 1 Mercedes, 1 BMW, 1 Ferrari and the other one I couldn’t recognise. For a moment I wished Terence were Moses and I, him. For lack of better things to do, we watched 200 pound beauty.


I think this part deserves a paragraph. If you have not watched this show, I encourage you to do so. Particularly if you are or were overweight. Being fat was a horrible affair. You walk a short distance and get a sweaty body. You feel insecure. You even sweat when talking to a pretty girl. A line was mentioned in the show that fat was NOT the issue, insecurity was. How apt. Even after winning 3 pageants, I still feel insecure. I may not be as fat as before, the insecurity remained. Like a ghost you cannot chase away, it eats away your life, threatening life worse than death.


So, we stayed up all night and ended our outing in a coffeeshop with breakfast and gossiping about Christianity. Terence is a History major and the four of us shared similar views on this particular religion. I continued the day in school as there was an open house for Science Faculty. Freshies came and go, but not many pretty faces. And this is my business because I have to scout for my next Science King and Queen, a job which appears fanciful but not that much fun if you are to MAKE them potential Kings and Queens. Anyway the open house gave me opportunities to chat with my Physics professors. Or rather, an opportunity for them to chat with me because I did not approach them. One hinted to me my grade for Quantum Mechanics and the other told me I am doing rather well as a Physics undergraduate. I had hoped to be the best before I came into NUS. That should be another post. I guess its time for whoever that is reading to take a break, smoke a cigarette, smoke a beer. Later.


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