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Exploring Near Grounds May 22, 2009

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Know thyself, know thy enemy. A hundred victories is assured in the hundred battles engaged. And reconnaissance is the first step to knowing the enemy.


Right outside Phuket Backpacker.

The land right outside consist of shophouses much like the street of Little India. I must emphasise, this is NOT the phuket beach most are acquainted with but Phuket TOWN. Being a town, most of the shops here sell commodities like traditional snacks, canned drinks, buddhist incense and groceries. One shocking discovery is that this town has already been INVADED BY 7-11!! Just this street we stayed in has TWO 7-11!! Another thing we noticed was that they do not believe in protection. What protection?


Head protection.

Also, if you enjoy taking in deep breaths in the morning, DON’T. The air isn’t very very fresh.


Even though I managed to make open sewers look very pretty.

We spent the first night exploring Patong Beach. Tourists beware. Things sold are highly superbly ultimately OVERPRICED. Don’t be shy and BARGAIN like an aunty. You’ll get some bargains.


Bar by the beach!


The slightly inland shophouses.


 Squash by the sea?


 One of the many bars some go to Patong for. Not for Physics majors though.


 And Ronald takes on a different pose in Patong!

The first recce ended with all of us in Starbucks reading Men’s Health, Nora roberts and a book about a story of Death Lullaby. A relaxing holiday indeed. But what about the enemy? Have I even mention who the enemy is? Not yet. After our short escapade in Patong, we retired back to HQ and planned for the second day. The story continues in the next post. 



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