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3 Men, 2 Different Nationalities, 1 Same Major, 1 Destination May 20, 2009

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Time was tight for us. There were still 8 days before the examination week for NUS ended and we must get to Phuket town before the rest of them catches up with us. First Lieutenant Lokender, Agent Luigi Laure and I barely made it for the jet. Armed with sun tan lotions, singlets and shorts, our journey began…


To avoid getting unwanted attention, we hid our arms and dressed up as plain civilians.


LTA Loke deep in thoughts about our operation in Phuket Town.

Being trained agents, we sneaked into Thailand borders undetected and arrived safely at our base – Phuket Backpacker.



Our contact in Phuket town.

Our headquarter was right in the middle of Phuket Town. It was rumoured that the best place to hide was right underneath the nose of your adversaries and we did just that. As the higher authorities were very secretive about their compound, I only managed a few photographs.


Severely guarded compound.


Stairway to higher HQ.

 The journey shall be unfolded in the next post..


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