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Everything that has a beginning has an end May 18, 2009

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That refers to semester 02 AY0809. And so, it is over. What a semester it had been. True, it had not been as depressing as the previous one (due to a certain individual from cambridge) there were still some hiccups aling the semester. I thought once I secured a 4.0, I would feel better. Instead, I was more afraid because I now have more to lose! What an brutal fact of life – the grey area between greed and aspiration.

ANYWAY, the semester is over and HOLIDAY has begun. No point brooding about it. (Shall do an evaluation later.) Back to holidays first. I’ve been to Phuket and KL with Loke and Luigi on week 1 and Redang with KE7 friends (Sarah, Geraldine, Hazel, Hiromi, Horomi’s boy, Pak Kin, Yong Shen and Ramen) on week 2. Week 2 was concluded by a fabulous birthday! It was a good thing I chose to be open-minded and spend it with my group of science friends! We went to starbucks (no beer!) after the free dinner at UCC and Jon and Fion and Weiyang got me CHA SHAO BAO as a birthday cake!! Truly surprising!! (Afterall, after you’ve lived for a few decades, nothing really surprises you anymore.) My science friends got me a bottle of Kahlua. Soooo sweet of them! And that was what I really wanted!! Happy Happy (:

2 weeks have passed and now its the third. Yesterday, the memory card for my a200 died for no reason so now I’ve to make the troublesome trip to wisma and look for help. Later!


2 Responses to “Everything that has a beginning has an end”

  1. Peet Says:

    Sounds like you’ve had some great travels. Photos? Juicy details?

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